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How Much Wattage is Needed to Power a Light Bulb

In the past, the incandescent light bulb was a homeowners only choice for lighting their home.  Over the years, several new options have surfaced, leaving the homeowner a bit confused as to what is the best option.

When making your decision to purchase a light bulb, look at lifetime costs which take into account the cost of the light bulb as well as the energy savings over the life of the bulb.  If you factor these 2 variables into the equation, you’ll see that LED light bulbs offer the best savings overall, despite having a higher up front cost.

Take a look at this handy visual guide to see how much wattage (electricity) is needed to power each of the different kinds of light bulbs.  Hopefully this will empower you to make a greener energy choice next time you’re at the local home improvement store.

Light Bulb Energy Use Guide