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swimming pool infographic

How To Conserve Water In Your Swimming Pool [infographic]

Trying to conserve water in and around your home should be a standard practice.  From washing machines to taking showers to watering our garden, eco-friendly practices should be taken into account to do your share in conservation.

But what about swimming pools?  They consume an enormous amount of water and regularly lose water from evaporation and from “cannonballs”.  So what do you do?  If you own a swimming pool, there are things you can do to conserve water and lessen the resources a swimming pool consumes.  A few easy and inexpensive options are using a solar cover on your swimming pool to reduce evaporation and keep your pool water warm using solar energy.  You can also use liquid pool covers, which surprisingly do a great job at reducing evaporation of your pool water.

Take a look at this neat infographic below courtesy of Swim University for some more ideas on how to conserve water with your swimming pool.

swimming pool infographic