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What Type Of Winter Pool Cover Should I Buy

If you want to keep your swimming pool clean and safe then purchasing a pool cover is very important. Not only will it keep your safe from the elements, it can also help young children and pets out of your pool.This will remove a lot of tress from your hands and it will also save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

However, there are lots of winter pool cover types, each one catering to a specific need. You do need to take all of these into account before making a purchase.

Leaf Net Cover

This type of cover can be used to keep the twigs and leaves out of the pool. Manufactured using high standard woven polyethylene, such a cover allows the water to fall through, yet it successfully captures all the undesired items that might cause a mess in your pool. Additionally, it’s very easy to clean and maintain, you just have to remove it and the leaves will just fall off. It can even be used with other types of pool covers, offering them additional protection and preventing further damage.

Solar Pool Cover

This type of pool cover has been specifically created to Prevent the heat and chemicals in the water from escaping, and as a result it will keep the pool warm at all times. Not only that, but it also captures the solar rays, heating the water in the process. A solar pool cover helps you lower the operational costs of the pool, as you won’t have to warm it using other means. You need to place and remove the pool cover each time you plan on using the pool. If this sounds like a nightmare for you, the best alternative comes in the form of liquid covers that are made out of Isopropyl alcohol and which float on top of the pool. The liquid is safe to swim in and it even works while the swimmers are in the pool.

Track-style pool covers

The main purpose of such a pool cover is to provide you with convenience and non-stop operation all year. It uses a track style cover system that can be manual or automatic. What makes this type of cover convenient is that you can easily cover your pool on a daily basis without a problems and it can easily be installed on all types of pools. It reduces heat loss, evaporation and it even keeps the water clean, which is crucial.

Safety pool covers

If you want to protect your kids or pets from falling accidentally in the water, then the purchase of a safety pool cover is more than recommended. This type of cover works with other covers as well, and it will provide you with all the necessary protection. By using it your kids won’t get hurt and you will have the best protection for your pet as well.

In the end, it falls up to you to select the best pool cover, depending on your needs. Determine what you want more from your pool cover and then make your purchase accordingly.


Going on a Road Trip in an Electric Car

With range still being a huge issue surrounding electric cars, they are clearly far from ideal vehicles for long-distance trips, but it doesn’t mean that going on a road trip in an EV is a mission impossible. While most people would not dare to start such an adventure, given that electric cars are more suitable for city driving, or for short-range commutes, because of their limited range, longer trips in an electric vehicle are actually quite feasible, as long as you plan your route accordingly and make sure you use driving techniques and behavior that help extend your car’s range.

Obviously, the biggest challenge of an electric car road trip is finding charging stations along the route, and recharging your car’s battery as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to take long breaks too often. Maybe a couple of years ago, this was an issue that was difficult to get around, but now, there is a relatively good charging infrastructure, albeit only in certain parts of the country, which allows you to cover longer distances in a reasonable time. Even so, you must choose a route that will allow you to be near a charging station during the whole trip, so that you don’t get stranded with an empty battery, and no station in sight.

If you are driving through an area that doesn’t have any charging stations, you can go to an RV park, since most such parks have designated spaces with hookups, that usually provide RVs with electricity, but can also be used to charge electric vehicles. No matter how many stations there are along your route, bringing an emergency recharging kit along is always a smart move. It’s basically a device that is called Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, which includes a portable charging cable and a couple of power adapters, allowing you to connect your car to a standard household outlet, and recharge your battery fairly quickly. This way, you will get enough range to get to the nearest charging station and fully charge your battery, before you can continue your trip.

Another factor you need to take into account when driving long distances in an electric car, is that your driving habits and road conditions may affect your car’s range. There are a few driving habits that can drain your battery pretty quickly, such as fast acceleration and hitting the brakes too hard, and driving at high speeds for longer periods of time. Additionally, excessive use of the car’s air conditioner decreases range, as well. Climbing hills, and driving in stop and go traffic can cause a battery to go empty much sooner than expected.

Even with all these challenges and the extensive planning that is required, electric car road trips can be quite fun and fulfilling, given that one of the biggest downsides of electric cars – long recharge times, can make your trip that much more rewarding, as it will give you some extra time to stop and enjoy the beautiful sights and discover some new places along the road.