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How to Stop a Water Leak in your Basement

 One of the main problems when it comes to wet basement concerns is that you cannot always see the leak. If standing water visibly gathers in your basement or it always floods in this area, you know that you to find ways to deal with the problem right away. Here are some of the most common signs of a damp basement if you can’t see water at first glance.

  • Visible mildew or mold
  • Warped wall paneling
  • Musty odor
  • Bowing or collapsing walls
  • Flaking paint
  • Crack in floor or walls
  • Rust on hot water heater or furnace

If you see any of these signs, you should contact a basement contractor so that he can assess the situation and recommend the right solution to the problem. Ignoring the problem won’t do you any good. You run the risk of exposing your family to mold growth and damaging your home’s overall structure and foundation.

Water leaks can happen anytime. It can damage the appliances and furniture inside your home. Water leaks can also promote the growth of mildew and mold, which can lead to the development of various health problems like asthma, fatigue, allergies, respiratory failures and lung problems. These health concerns are more likely to occur if you have a weak immune system or an underlying lung problem.

Waterproofing the wall panels of the basement can help stop leaks and prevent the problems that are associated with it. Before you waterproof the basement balls with waterproofing paint or other water-resistant materials, you need to remove any excess water. The following tips can help you fix and stop water leaks in your basement.

  1. Find the source of leaks

You need to know the source of water leakage. Use a 12″ x 12″ sheet of aluminum foil to tightly seal a section of the basement wall that tends to be damp. This will help you know whether the water on the walls is coming from the inside or outside of the basement. Leave the aluminum foil there for one or two days. If water appears on the side of the aluminum foil that is against the wall, the problem is coming from the outside of your basement. If the outside of the aluminum foil is damp, it means that the water is coming from the inside of the basement.

  1. Fix your plumbing system

Plumbing leaks can boost the level of humidity inside your basement, so you should fix your plumbing system if there’s any leak. After you finish fixing the plumbing system, you should open all the windows and use fans to air out your basement. You can also use a dehumidifier to eliminate any remaining humidity.

  1. Repair broken gutters or downspout

A broken gutter or downspout can cause water coming from the roof to collect around the basement walls. Roof water can seep through the cracks and pores in the masonry and damage the structure of your house. Fix a broken gutter or if it’s beyond repair, you should install a new one. You can install a screen to protect the gutter from broken twigs, dirt, small pebbles and fallen leaves and prevent clogging.

  1. Exterior basement waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing uses membranes or polymers to waterproof the basement walls. The polymers can last for a very long time, so you can relax knowing that your basement is protected.

Making your basement waterproof is very important. Mildew and mold love damp basements and can do expensive damage to your property. Removing mildew and mold spores is hard. Follow the tips stated above and keep your basement dry at all times.

family pet cats and dogs

Should I Go for a Cat or Dog as Our Family Pet?

Should I go to have a cat or a dog as our family pet? The answer to this question is just so easy for some. If you like dogs, it will be a puppy that you can love, but if you love feline, you will not want to share that attention which a dog requires. Perhaps it is a simple and easy decision.

To know which one is the best pet, you have to be aware of the characteristic of each house pet.  If you have never owned a pet before, you can consult your local vet for advice.  We consulted our local animal hospital in Matthews, NC to get advice on what breeds would be good for us.


Cats love being outdoors occasionally. They might wander off now and then. The only thing they need to be trained to do is to utilize the litter box and not to scratch draperies or furniture. Cats will not stand for much more.

A cat is easy to handle and take care of. They will allow you to have a serene and independent life. Also, they don’t mind being left alone, except you are in need of being on your own.

Cats are definitely more independent than dogs and work well in homes were people are at work and school all day.  Some people also love their independence, as they answer to no one!


Dogs thrive on regular exercise. They love to walk outdoors. They require more training and they really enjoy training. It provides them quality time with their masters. They love to please their owners and training gives that opportunity.

Dogs will greet you with delight. It does not matter if you went outside just to throw the garbage or if you have been at your work all day. Compared to cat, dogs aren’t happy when left alone and thrive on interaction with dogs and people once trained properly. While they may happy in being there to serve you, cats will let you to serve.

In case your choice as a house pet is a dog, there are many things you have to think about. The initial step in picking a dog is looking for the one which suits your daily lifestyle. Are you a home buddy, or a person on the go? Logic might seem to say that a smaller dog will be less trouble. This isn’t essentially so. A mastiff might love to lie around your home all day and wait for you patiently to return. A Russell terrier will bounce her way around your home it doesn’t matter if you are present or not.

How old must your dog be? A puppy is cute and will increase your responsibility. A puppy needs house training as well as behavior training. You’ll have to tolerate accidents and chewing. If you don’t have time to give over to these steps, you’ll be glad adopting an older dog. Keep in mind that not all older dogs are accessible because of bad behavior. Most often they relinquished as of changes in the status of the family, illness and moving of the owners. Through dealing with a reliable rescue, you’ll know lots about the dog prior to adopting your new friend.


In general, choosing between dog and cat as a house comes down to what you wish for a pet, energy and time you are ready to devote. Where you reside also plays an essential role in making a choice. But, no matter what you choose, cats and dogs are lovable and enjoyable to be with.

Swim Spa

Should I Get a Pool or Hot Tub For My Home?

If you need a way to relax and have fun in your home, one of the best ways to do this is by adding a hot tub or an above ground pool. Here are some tips on both so you can decide to get one or both:

When it comes to hot tubs, it’s much easier to install an above ground hot tub, as an in-ground one requires digging and/or some renovation to the inside of your house. Some of the options to consider when choosing hot tubs are the size (usually 2-8 people), seating arrangements (molded or benches), color (tan, white, etc.), shape (oval, round, square, etc.), exterior cabinet (wood, stone or composite), water jets (different sizes and types), or upgrades like LED lights or waterfalls or sound systems.

Cost of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can cost anywhere from a range of about $2,000 and up. It all depends on the choice of the things mentioned above, and if you install it yourself or have the manufacturer do it or if it is delivered, as that can add on costs. Some of the best brands of hot tubs to choose from are Jacuzzi, Coast Spas, LifeSmart, QCA Spas, Sunbelt, and SpaBerry.

Yes, hot tubs can be expensive, but when you take the hydrotherapy benefits into play, you may find that you may cut down on your visits to your local massage parlor.  I love my massages, but now only go once a month to my favorite massage spa in Charlotte.

Hot Tub Care

It is necessary to properly maintain your hot tub if you want it to be sanitary and last a long time. Things like testing the chemicals and pH levels are some of that required maintenance. Plus, they should be inspected periodically by a hot tub specialist.

Above Ground Pools

Many homeowners also consider building an above ground pool as swimming is fun and a good source of exercise. Above ground pools can be far less expensive than in-ground pools for several reasons. The above ground pools, for instance, require lots of plumbing fixtures, as well as excavating dirt from your yard, etc., while that is not needed for above ground pools.

In fact, above ground pools are said to cost a quarter what an in-ground pools costs. Plus, they come in easy to install kits and can be installed with only two or three people doing the job.

Maintenance And Safety of Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are also safer and easier to manage. Of course you still have to use the proper chemicals to keep it clean, and remove debris like leaves, but they are easier to maintain. Plus, you can put a special kind of ladder to get into an above ground pool and use a locking gate or just drain it and take it apart when you don’t plan on using it for long periods of time, as this will make it safer to have one in your yard.

Plus, if you move away to a new home, you won’t lose your pool if you have an above ground pool because you can just take it apart and move it along with all of your other household goods.