Going Green In Canada

The Green Movement is going strong in Canada.

Canada is one of the forward thinkers when it comes to green energy and conservation.  They’ve instituted recycling and composting programs that are still years away from happening for most of America.

Even private sector energy companies are making efforts encourage energy conservation.  Energy companies like Power Stream in Ontario offer businesses subsidies to converting their high power halogen lighting to more energy efficient florescent and LED lighting systems.

And big energy companies aren’t the only ones encouraging you to go green.  Traditional companies like Mortgages.ca, a Canadian mortgage company, offer “SMART” thermostats to their customers as a gift and incentive to use less energy.

If you’re looking for a career in the growing green industry, Canada has a green sector that is growing faster than the pace of most traditional industries.  Take a look at the infographic from Talent Egg below to see how a green career might be a great opportunity for you in Canada.


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