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Ideas for the Perfect Pond

Many homeowners are often stuck for ideas when it comes to the home garden. This is where extreme costs for landscapers are brought into the budget and therefore limits the possibilities of the outcome. Although timing can be a large issue, why not dash out and stock up on the equipment to carry out these home renovations yourself in this tight economical period.

Amongst the minority of gardens is the average garden pond – or at least, space for one. And what’s more ideal than lavishing in expenses on keeping fish within the grounds of your home? When you speak to many homeowners a pond is very much a love it or hate it scenario.

For those who indulge in thoughts of ponds, below are some ideas on getting the perfect pond for your outdoor living space.

Dependant on garden space and budget, you can have a pond to your exact requirements or if you’re lacking inspiration, buy an already prefabricated shape and slot into your desired location.

Preformed Ponds

Preformed, plastic ponds are ideal for quick and easy installations. Due to being pre-formed, you are restricted to sizing requirements and depth can also be an issue. A benefit of having a plastic moulded pond is that in some cases it is sturdier than pond lining materials and is crease-free. Although, with this is mind, placement of rockery around the outer edge can sometimes warp the mould.

Life expectancy of these ponds is around 15-20 years, depending on the correct installation.

Featured Ponds

Featured koi pond

Increasing in popularity, these types of featured ponds are ideal in a contemporary environment. Very appealing to the eye – and children, these hexagonal ponds or “Feature Pools” display various windows within a wicker frame. Great for getting that side perspective that children love when visiting garden centres.

Being an ideal size, almost EVERY garden can adapt to cater for this these types of ponds.

Manufactured by Blagdon, you can get these feature Ponds at:

Water Features

Water Features are another option to have. Either running into your pond or a standalone option, they are great in harmonising and can be a relaxing necessity within your garden.

Coming in a variety of sizes, shapes and base materials, they really can be adjusted to suit your requirements within your own garden.

Pond Liner Materials

With traditional pond liners you can build and adjust the sizing requirements of your pond on just about every scale. Whether you require a deep setting, or are looking to expand your existing pond, this is a great method with use of a jointing kit.

Whether you’d like to be hands on in the creation of your pond project or would like to leave it to the experts, you ideally require expert advice in this instance. Although many companies and garden experts will willingly offer their expertise, there are many guides and videos available to you online.

Pond Liner Materials can vary and are often used for lakes to small commercial business and properties. The usual pond materials are EPDM or PVC based liners. What’s the difference? EPDM has a higher life expectancy –evidently costing more.

Lining materials have tremendous properties; although in some cases can puncture due to the surroundings and environment of which the pond is currently based in. No fear, many garden centres and online stores will sell EPDM repair kits and such items.

The use of pond liner can extend your pond life expectancy to around 30-40 years.

Box Welded Liners

Box Welded Liners are similar to Featured Ponds in the sense that they are prefabricated to a desired shape including depth. Often used for Koi Ponds – because of their depth, they are ready welded into position ready for you to install into your garden space.

A Koi Pond is very different to the average pond. First being, they have to be much deeper – after all koi’s can develop to be quite big fish. And with the average box welded liner coming in squares, rectangles or circles, they can be adapted to the shape that you’re most comfortable with within your garden.


With all this in mind, it really is down to the requirements and sizing refinements of your home as to which option best suits your needs.

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AquaLiners Direct provides Pond Liner and Rubber Roofing materials for all domestic installations. Amongst our products is Box Welded Liners – ideal for a Koi Pond installation.

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