How Much Energy Is Needed To Power a Light Bulb?

How much energy is needed to power a lightbulb?  Well, it depends on the source of the energy.  Here in North America, we are stuck on using fossil fuels and are struggling to free ourselves from this energy trap we created for ourselves.

Many countries, particularly in Europe, have been making tremendous strides in moving towards renewable energy resources to power their cities.  Here in America, even Google is funding initiatives to help get us moving towards renewable energy.

When you think of a lightbulb, we don’t think much about the resources required to power it.  Take a look at the infographic below showing us how much resources are required in order to power a lightbulb for an entire year.  As you can see, coal (a fossil fuel) requires a tremendous amount of resources, including manpower to mine it, in order to power a single lightbulb.  We need to start thinking about alternative and renewable sources of energy if we want to leave this planet a better place then when we started on it.

What are your feelings on renewable energy?  What power source do you think is the right choice in creating a balanced energy strategy?


How much energy to power a lightbulb infographic

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