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Is it Time to Invest in Solar Power?

Over recent years the developments in solar power have been optimistic in terms of whether it will soon be possible that homes would generate at least some of their own power – saving money and aiding the environment. Sadly however the cost of creating solar panels has been somewhat higher than most homes would like, with some specialised solar panel services charging some of the cheapest prices around £45 ($72). This of course was for some of the lower power producing solar panels; in most cases either multiple or more powerful solar panels would be needed.

With costs this high it seems rather counter-productive; you could be spending around £3000 – £4000 just to save around £40 on your bill. Not to mention the solar panels can look too big, bulky and ugly, so why would you want one? Besides the fact you would be creating energy from nothing but sunlight, which is of course going to help to protect the environment, you’ll be generating power that you can use – you won’t have to buy it from anyone else. That is of course assuming you make enough to use. It is more likely that you won’t be able to generate enough power to get rid of your electric costs altogether but you might be able to trim them down a bit.


However, with enough solar panels and light on your roof you could generate enough power to start selling it back to your provider – not just save money on electric but actually earn money from it! This is doubtfully going to happen in the British sun, but the possibility is still there, the fact that it’s possible is encouragement enough for a lot of people and what should be even more encouraging is that the cost of buying solar panels should be going down very soon.

In late August 2012 researchers at RTI international declared that they had developed a new form of solar technology, it works in very much the same way but is constructed of much cheaper materials. Research is still ongoing as to what else can be done and the best way to manufacture these new solar panels but the most important fact is that they too are a possibility. The estimation is that these new, cheaper solar panels will actually be as good if not better than the solar panels that are already sold, but will cost around £12.50 ($20) to produce. This huge improvement in price is likely to encourage a rise in sales for the solar panels in the years to come.

It is also thought that when the new version of this solar energy becomes commercially available the power of absorption will be increase, research scientists at RTI are already working on methods that will stop low levels of light from becoming the end of the power, which can only be good news for members of the UK.

The hopes of many of the scientists researching this technology is that there will soon be a greener world, with more energy being drawn from natural sources like the sun, not only to protect our environment but to demonstrate our own advances. As we advance technology like this should be more present in our live, particularly when it can be at such a low cost high output state. With the issues of cost cast aside there are no reasons not to invest in solar energy. It might be that you just want your home to be more independent and free from the issues of paying for electric, it might just be that you really care about the environment and the use of more harmful fuels. Whatever you reason for considering solar energy, it is bound to be a beneficial investment. When the price of solar energy drops, there will surely be a number of people lining up to become part of it.

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Katy writes for JR Wood Electrical Contractors and is very passionate about energy conservations and preservation of your future environment. By making a few small changes everyone can make the world a better place to live.



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